About Blog

Everyone has something worthwhile to offer to the world. There are two practical problems though. First, the world usually doesn’t care about what one has to offer. They’d rather see some cats tripping on acid for hours on YouTube. (No judgement there -- cats tripping on acid are hilarious.) Second, one usually doesn’t offer worthwhile things to the world. World doesn’t need to know that you did 127 pull-ups or you cooked burnt steak for dinner unless they have any other higher purpose. Once upon a time, I posted a picture of my chicken curry on Facebook, so I’m also a part of the problem.


The first problem is out of my hands; the world does whatever it pleases. However, with this blog, I will try to manage the second problem. I will make an attempt to share my experiences, ideas, opinions, and pieces of work that may be worthwhile to some portion of the world’s population. Worth is difficult to measure, but I will allow my totally biased brain to figure that out. There are some social buttons on the blogs and a place to comment too. If they are ever used, I can channel them into understanding what kind of content is worthwhile. In any case, I will try to limit posts that no one in the world wants to see.


Having said that, you may not like/agree to what I write. In that case, please post respectfully critical comments on the blog so I get feedback. For example, you could comment - "Please don't write that black men are strong, you racist!". When commenting, please don’t go out of the mantras of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect in my blog. I retain the executive power to remove your comments if I feel these values are threatened. If you're feeling too critical/angry, you can private-message or email me and pour all your anger there.

Thank you, and please read, like, share, and comment on the blogs if you feel like doing those things.