About Me

I'm a Nepali Seattleite working as a software engineer at Microsoft.

I like to learn, explore, create, and laugh.

I believe in simplifying rather than complicating.

I believe in spreading peace, love, unity, and respect.

I enjoy existence.

Thought of the Day

Why do people compete with each other? Marx and Shakespeare provide two models for understanding almost every kind of conflict.

According to Marx, people fight because they are different. The proletariat fights the bourgeoisie because they have completely different ideas and goals (generated, for Marx, by their very different material circumstances). The greater the differences, the greater the conflict.

To Shakespeare, by contrast, all combatants look more or less alike. It’s not at all clear why they should be fighting, since they have nothing to fight about. Consider the opening line from Romeo and Juliet: “Two households, both alike in dignity.” The two houses are alike, yet they hate each other. They grow even more similar as the feud escalates. Eventually, they lose sight of why they started.

-Peter Thiel, Zero To One